I Quit

Not the blog - don't worry, I have too much to say to do that.

No, I quit this book. I won't tell you what book, because it's not a bad book. Rather, it's not a terrible series. I read the first two books of the series ages ago - in my early teens, and I'm not saying how long ago that was, but it's been a while. I loved them. Absolutely adored them. They were my introduction to apocalyptic literature, still a favorite sub-genre of mine. 

I decided to revisit them because the last book in the series is soon to be released. I got through the first two again, started the third, and...I just can't. They're good books, and I think Swicky will enjoy them in a couple years, but there's nothing there for me anymore. 

I can't fall into the story the way I did when I was 13. Now, I need some way to believe the world is "real" in order to enjoy the plot. Not "real" as in "mirrors our world" but "real" in a cohesive world-building sense. Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels are "real." Stephen Hunt's Jackelian novels are "real." They are completely fantastical and in no way resemble our own, but they hold together. The books I just quit - well, they don't. The characters are no longer believable - I question the decisions they make, as they don't seem to follow from how they themselves are presented. The world as it stands doesn't flow from the given history in any reasonable fashion. There's just nothing there to hook me and make me believe in this world and its story. And I just can't make myself dig through another six books out of nostalgia. 

I just...I quit.


Moving on - have you ever been here?

I know that feeling all too well...



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