Serious Literature and...?

Please Stop Complaining About Harry Potter was written in response to The novel is dead (this time it's for real).

Look, I love Flannery O'Connor and Walker Percy (I don't think you get more "real" than Southern Catholic, seriously) - but I also love Harry Potter, and it's pretty "real," too. My take? Read. Read what you want, when you want. Read what speaks to you.

Don't read because you think it'll make you a better person or because everyone has to read this book at some point in time - read because you're bored, or because the story sounds intriguing, or because you need to escape for a while.

Read because you want to, because you have to - like you have to breathe and you want to live. Read because it's there and there's nothing else to do at the moment.

I don't care what or when or how or why - the only variable that actually matters in this equation is "who" - hey, you: READ. I guarantee, it'll be "real" enough to you. That's what matters.


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