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So, you might wonder why I harp on about net neutrality so much.

Well, partly it's because I'm a big fan of the Internet as it is, and would hate to see it destroyed. If you're reading this now, I assume you kind of like this whole Internet thing, too. So, part of it is pure self-interest.

But I'm also concerned about you.  All of you. I'm a librarian - it's in the job description. I want to get you in touch with all the lovely information you need and/or want. Many people - particularly those who have no other options - depend on libraries for access to the Internet and the wealth of information it provides. Ending net neutrality would be disastrous for libraries - or, rather, for those who depend on them.

If you'd like to join me in striving to save net neutrality - in making the world a better place for you, for me, for the ones least able to help themselves - you can yell at the FCC with me. It isn't difficult to do - and it is very, very important.


  • Libraries, Books, & Authors:
    • Sustaining Open Access The proposed new model is interesting.
    • 50 Books Real Simple Readers Love 
    • Comic Books Were My Gateway to Reading Comic books are pretty awesome that way. 
    • Warning: The Literary Canon Could Make Students Squirm This is a tough issue. On the one hand, I understand that some of the content can trigger immediate and unfortunate emotional and psychological reactions in students who have traumatic pasts or phobias. On the other hand, provocative material is necessary to start discussion and encourage students to think about issues and how to face them in the future - important aspects (and perhaps the most important ones) of higher education. I suppose I'd be in favor of trigger warnings, but not for alterations or substitutions of materials in classes.
    • Best Practices Are the Worst Haha-ouch! One of the most enjoyable book reviews I've read so far this year! Also, I couldn't agree more.
    • Open source textbooks seem very interesting. Anyone have experience with them? I'm personally a fan of print textbooks - I have a hard time retaining information presented digitally - but it's hard to beat free, especially considering the cost of a traditional print textbook. 
    • Margaret Atwood has much to say about killer robots She's pretty smart. 

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