I Strongly Dislike Wheeler

Despite public outcry, protesters in the streets, and the ire of several tech companies (I talked about all that yesterday), the FCC has said OK to terrible Internet traffic rules today. If passed, these rules would end net neutrality and the Internet as we know it. (I'm not going to link to all my posts about this - all those links are on yesterday's post, too.)

That's extraordinarily unfortunate. We have come to rely on the Internet for access to information - everything from entertainment sites to tax forms and job applications seems to be moving online. Ending net neutrality makes it even more difficult for those who most need access to information, furthering the digital divide, and endangering the work of independent artists and "fringe" social justice groups (among others) who depend on the Internet.

Several times in the past, President Obama has professed support for net neutrality. We need to call on him to act now. You can sign a petition calling for the president to keep his promise.

It's your Internet - go save it!

You should also check out the Rally to Save the Internet:



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