Censorship: Not Cool

I've written before about the censorship of illustrated materials - graphic novels, comics, and manga, specifically, although I'd lump in games, movies, and t.v. shows, as well. That's why a couple articles in particular jumped out at me today:

  • CNN Spectacularly Fails To Understand Manga and Anime: This first article concerns CNN's coverage of manga, which immediately assumes most (and implies all) of it is child porn - without questioning whether illustrated materials can actually be porn, since no actual person is involved; or whether it should be automatically lumped in with a type of porn we can all agree is despicable because it harms children (after all, not all types of porn are unilaterally declared morally reprehensible); or even if all manga is sexually explicit, much less whether some manga series might have an intended audience of adults. So, yeah, bad job, CNN.

Love Hina is about getting into college, not - I repeat not - child porn.

  • How Far is Too Far? Censorship and Storytelling in Games: This next article concerns the seemingly ubiquitous concern that violent games trigger violence, and that other games contain too much adult content. I have to say, there are lots of games I don't want my kids playing because the games include violent or sexual content that I don't think is appropriate - but that's my prerogative, as a mom. I keep them away from those games, and find other games for them to play. They occasionally run across inappropriate games online, but I'm not too worried that they'll be permanently scarred for life (they know who Slendy is, although they think he's really funny, rather than terrifying). I don't believe it's my right, however, to mandate what is or is not appropriate for everyone else's enjoyment and demanding that games that don't meet my standards be censored. 

Hilarious? Really?



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