One of Those Days

Today was...not the best day. For one thing, I cannot think of a single situation in which it would be acceptable to leave a used condom in the stacks. Not one.

Nope. Not even zombies. 
For another thing, no one should ever look in the staff refrigerator and say, "Oh, hey, there's a can of Coke here with someone else's name on it. Must be free to good home, then!"

I want to think the best of people. And, honestly, at least whoever left the condom - well, I'm glad they were practicing safe sex. They've got life lessons to learn still, obviously, but at least they aren't entirely irresponsible. But the person who stole my Coke - nope, that's just wrong. It's disgusting, frankly.

But I came home to my Redditgifts Arbitrary Day present, so that made it all better.

All better!



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