Summer Reading

Is it just me? Really?

I really push my kids to read. What they read is mostly up to them. I might tell Swicky she needs to read something closer to her reading level if she's been reading primarily Coconut's library books, or recommend a book that is thick enough to be daunting to an eight year old; I frequently tell Coconut he needs to balance out his graphic novels with some chapter books. Still, they read every day, whether as school work or before bed (or, increasingly, when they're supposed to be going to sleep). For the library's summer reading program, which has been going on for 22 days, Swicky has read 22 books and Coconut has finished 17 so far.

Please note: we don't stop school during the summer. They both carry full school loads during the summer. If they didn't have anything else to do, I'd expect at least two books a day (or 200 pages of a long book).

So this article really confuses me: Survey: Kids who read in summer most likely to be girls, ages 9 to 11, at libraries, whose parents would rather see them outside.

Outside is important. Swicky and Coconut are both out often (P.E. is part of the curriculum, and often takes the form of bike riding, organized exercise outside, or just running and playing in the backyard). But if you asked me which I believed was more important? Reading. Not that they're mutually exclusive - when I was a kid, I'd take my books outside to read during the summer, usually up a tree. If you had asked me then if one book a season was enough, I'd have laughed and laughed and laughed...  I hope I'm raising my kids to think the same thing.



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