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Saving The Internet: What Is Coming Next? It's time to ask FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler which side he's on: the side of the American people, who clearly want net neutrality, or that of the telecom companies, who really just want to make more money. Still not sure why you should care about net neutrality? John Oliver has a very entertaining and helpful segment on it. If it makes it easier for you, you can think of it as the Prevent Cable Company F@#kery campaign. Make sure, my pretties, to tell the FCC what you think.

Also, you should be part of the Thunderclap on June 5, and help Reset the Net! "Reset the Net is a global movement to take our privacy back and secure the Internet to defend against mass government surveillance." Yesterday, I posted about the horrible situation in Thailand, including the Orwellian measures taken by the military to secure their power over the people. Well, the same information disease is slowly but surely infecting the U.S. We need to join Reddit, Imgur, Boing Boing, and others to take back our privacy!


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