Two Posts Today Because I Felt Like It, I Guess?

Free Comic Book Day update, too! After work, I went to Media Underground Comics. As I expected, they were running low on free comics to hand out - it was about half an hour 'til closing - but I did snag a couple!*

I also talked to one of the staff members, who told me it had been really busy. Apparently, people were lined up down the street at 10:30 this morning - and the store doesn't open until noon! Media Underground had the free comics bagged up, so that everyone got a bag containing a copy of all the free comics available, and they ran out by 2:00. Luckily, a few straggling extras survived, to be snapped up by the likes of me and other late-comers. 

Best of all, the shop had a few kids happily running amok, including one little girl dressed as Captain America.  Hoorah!

Moving on - you might want to click through and read this comic strip on the original site, where it's easier to read:

Genderless Wombat Explains Public Libraries



*Being the best kind of "gimme free stuff" person, I also made a purchase - and some lucky friend will be getting a present Monday night! IT MIGHT BE YOU, MARY BETH!

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